Disclaimer: All characters and events depicted in this novel (and website) are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


About Kuzviran:

Kuzviran is a science fiction novel about the world called Narivzuk. In the leading role of this novel we have Zö Temha. He is an ordinary creature born in Kuzviran from a father called Tiyyes. Zö does not believe in destiny, actually he does not believe in anything. But to assure that everyone calls him "a good guy" he fakes his beliefs and poses as if he believes in God. His family, friends and villagers believe that he is a believer. He knows that "believers" have high social and commercial "value". If you want to be rich, you got to pretend you "believe", right ?

But what Zö doesn't realize is that his family, friends and villagers are also not true believers. Actually, no one in Kuzviran believes in faith and destiny. All they believe in is money, money and money. Zö's family has taught him that he must use every chance to "extract" the money of others, particularly those not from Kuzviran. How do you "get" the power to extract the money of others in this world called Narivzuk ? You "enroll" into the leading party. You get close to the emperor... Yes, you get close to emperor Piyyat !

Once you are on Piyyat's team, there is no law that applies to you. You can lie, steal and kill as you wish, there are no consequences... unless you turn against Piyyat. Since everything is about "profits", no one turns against Piyyat. OK, so you are on his side, but who do you steal from ? You can steal from all those who don't like Piyyat. That is the rule and order in Narivzuk...

Zo Temha from Kuzviran

On the left you see a self-portrait of Zö Temha. That's right, he doesn't have a face, because he doesn't have a soul, he doesn't have a self-identity. When you look at him, you don't see who or what he is, you only see what he reflects: the lies of the world around him... No matter how close you look, you see nothing about who he really is. This is a typical photo of a typical liar. An empty soul. No wisdom, no belief, no passion, no love... No respect for others, no respect for all those who are not like him... He hates everyone who doesn't think like him (as if he knew how to think).

To be honest, we can't put all the blame on him only. He was raised by a family and society who is much like him. He existed (and exists) in a "system" that has made him who he is. He is unaware of who he is. He is unaware of what is "right" and "wrong". He is unaware of existence. He is unaware of the universe and the powers that created the universe.

He believes in the fake religion of desert creatures. That is why he is not disturbed by the fact that he is living in a concrete environment that is called a "city"... You can't expect those who live in a desert to understand the "needs" of flowers and trees. But how can one grow up in a forest (like Zö) and not understand and respect trees and nature ?

What puts creatures like Zö and trees apart ? Zö lies all his life, whereas trees never lie. Nature doesn't have the concept of lie. They are who they are, they don't pretend to be someone/something else...

Don't get us wrong: on planet Narivzuk there are quite a lot of individuals whose name is Zö Temha. The one our novel is about is the son of Tiyyes and is born in Kuzviran. There is another "problem": on planet Narivzuk there are many towns called Kuzviran. The Kuzviran we are focusing on is the one by the Pine Stream. Our novel is about the ZÖ you see in the photo above.

Althogh Zö refuses to accept, he was born with one final destiny: he (and his son) will be killed in a car crash. This novel is about the ups and downs of Zö fighting against the will of God and refusing his destiny. Can one change one own's destiny ? Does praying to God change a "pre-set destiny" ? Can destiny be "modified" by the individual ? If yes, how far can that be changed ? If yes, how is it done ?

So why a car crash ? Simple: Zö is a driver, he spends most of his life on the road driving cars and trucks. So statistically, the risks (of an accident) are high. So why keep being a driver if you are afraid of an accident ? Choose another job ! Apparently he is not capable of another job. Well, isn't that destiny too ? Zö's family are farmers, why didn't Zö become a farmer and follow the family life style ? Why go to the big city and become a driver ? Are trucks so attractive ? Are large urban areas so attractive ?

One reason why most farmers in the country leave their homes and farms and move to cities are due to the orders of emperor Piyyat. His plan is to kill agriculture in the country, so orders every villager to abonden their farms and move to urban areas and become "standard" consumers.

Why become a driver if you know you are going to die in a car accident ? If you insist on becoming a driver, then why be afraid of dying ? Actually, Zö has spent his whole life fighting (in his mind) the concepts of God and destiny. He believes partially in God and partially in destiny but can not make up his mind which "way" to go. His mental instability wouldn't have been much of a problem if he would have an isolated life. But he lives in a crowded urban environment and every movement he makes, every action he takes effects others. In a traffic accident he would cause harm to others. Is that also his destiny ? Is that also the other's destiny ?

Which brings us to the next question: is Zö a good (and careful) driver ? By now you would have guessed the answer: certainly not !

more coming soon...